Why ‘GoAlexia’?

I had a blog back in 2011 (before all the rage that is Instagram + fashion blogs + travel your heart out and make you jealous websites), and I named it ‘GoAlexia’ because my mom thought it was cute.

She even paid a caricature artist in Reno to create the gem of a logo as seen below – how could I say no to that?!


During that time, it was post-surgery, and I decided to do a 6-month study abroad program in China. It was the first time I had ever left the US to travel alone, so I decided that in order to make the most of my experience, I needed to visit as many Chinese cities as possible. I hit about 13 in total.

Goalexia.com became a fun side project where I documented my travels, and to my surprise, quite a few people also enjoyed following along – people other than my immediate family by the way, which was incredibly exciting!

Fast forward a few years, and unfortunately, being a thrifty college graduate making less than minimum wage while in Taiwan (that’s another story), did not allow me the flexibility to foot the bill for my domain. Therefore, I had lost all prior content from the original site.

Welcome to my valid attempt at not only bringing GoAlexia back in a fresher form, but to also continue the travels with an updated perspective. Enjoy!

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