Third Time Was a Charm!

It took a third trip to Dr. McGinley’s offices in Casper, Wyoming during the week of Thanksgiving, and I’m happy to report that I’m officially pain-free and back to normal activity!

Denver Selfie

I had planned to post sooner; however, with the frustration building after my second round of Botox not working, I not only didn’t have the mental and physical energy to do regular updates, but I also didn’t want to jinx myself after round three. With the huge let down of not feeling any relief, it was tough to make the decision to go back again. In this post I’m including not only why this round actually worked, but also what led me to giving this a third try.

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One-Month Post-Procedure, What’s New?

It has officially been a month and three days since I had my touch-up procedure done by Dr. McGinley, and unfortunately the pain is still present. It’s just as strong if not stronger than before, and I find myself even more frustrated, not to mentioned exhausted and bummed out.

Safari West
While waiting for my leg to heal, I took an adventure in Santa Rosa at Safari West! I could sit comfortably in the Jeep which was well worth it for the amazing views.

I apologize for those of you that have been following along and sending such nice notes! I was hoping to post an update earlier than today that would also include more positive results than what I will actually be sharing.

As each day went by these past few weeks, I procrastinated writing up a post because I thought (and wished) that the next day I’d have something positive to report back. Since that isn’t the case, I think it’s best to share what’s been going on with my leg for the past 3-4 weeks regardless.

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The Mental Side-Effects of Chronic Pain

For those also diagnosed with Chronic Exertional Compartment Syndrome, do you ever find yourself bummed out that you can’t partake in activities you once enjoyed, actively avoiding anything that will bring on the pain, or being constantly overcome with extreme exhaustion from the lack of sleep and constant ache?

Yeah, sounds like an infomercial for my current life. Welcome.


The pain you experience during activity is one thing, but the mental effects of constant pain are a whole other ballgame. I wasn’t familiar with these effects, and if you’re like me, you may be overlooking some side-effects that have developed due to this sneaky neurological nightmare.

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